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  • BodyMindPresence
    BodyMindPresence.de ist inspiriert von und verbindet Elemente aus:
    * Body-Mind Centering
    * Ostheopathie / Orthobionomy
    * Vorgeburtliche und frühkindliche Bewegungsentwicklung im Wasser, in der Luft und an Land
    * Contact Improvisation und Zeitgenössischer Tanz
    * Stimmarbeit
    * Aerial Yoga im Yogatuch (Omgym), Acroyoga, ContactYoga
    * Water Rebalancing
    * Bodysatsang, Nature Healing Work, Sharing

    Body-Mind-Presence is playing and working with Contact Improvisation and elements of other contemporary dance forms, with osteopathy, Body-Mind Centering, developmental movement, singing and voice work, and flying yoga carpets called Omgym.

  • Contact-meets-Contemporary
    Contact-meets-Contemporary.de is a Contact Festival that invites and includes the knowledge from other contemporary dance forms. "Contact meets Contemporary" is inspired by the idea that Contact has it's origins in the contemporary dance world, before developing into a more social dance form of which the festivals are a vital part. We like to reconnect Contact Improvisation to the knowledge and practice of contemporary danceforms, that also appreciate the spirit of improvisation.

  • DanceContact
    DanceContact.de sind Daniel Werner & Joerg Hassmann und ihr Tun und Denken im Feld der Contact Improvisation: Workshops, Fortbildung, Festivals, Performances, Texte ...

    DanceContact.de are Daniel Werner & Joerg Hassmann and their dancing and thinking in the field of Contact Improvisation and Contemporary Dance:
    workshops, trainings, festivals, performances, texts ...

  • OsterImproFestival
    The OsterImproFestival.info creates a unique platform for experiencing and experimenting, for teaching and learning, for exchanging and coming together. In intensives, workshops, labs, single lessons, spaces to perform, a room for silence and bodywork, different jams and special events, this festival offers spaces, where different artistic potentials can meet in an alchemist process …


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